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Reduce the cost of sharing Power BI reports, easily and efficiently. SecurePBI gives you the ability to work with Power BI reports in a shared workspace. Hassle-free implementation and numerous cost-saving features accommodate hundreds of users and tailoring the reports to your evolving needs. Sign up for a free trial, and start saving money today.

Scalable Management

SecurePBI provides a scalable service with intelligent user and group management. User-friendly interfaces and versatile functions enable smooth day-to-day use, with no prior experience required. In addition, specially designed advanced features facilitate such activities as powerful report-sharing.

A Secure Portal

SecurePBI provides multi-level security for your valuable data, with features such as SSL encryption and a secure authentication layer for shared Power BI reports. Easy user management gives you full control of access rights: no-one else will be able to access the reports. Also, the service is fully GDPR-compliant. We keep your data secure.

Getting Started

1. Register, at no cost

Sign up online for a free two-week trial, and start using SecurePBI - it's that simple

2. Add users

Create additional users for shared reports - grant access to clients, colleagues, and partners

3. Create groups

Create user groups, for fined-tuned access to reports - manage and limit the sharing as desired

4. Add reports

Make reports available in your workspace, and use powerful features to manage and work with

5. Enable secure viewing

The reports can now be viewed with full security, accessible only to those you specify

6. Share reports

Share important information and access to it, both easily and securely

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